Cyber Safety Videos

The following educational videos were downloaded for use in the FJUHSD Cyber Satey Unit. They were selected both for their content and for teen appeal. If you intend to use them in the classroom, they should be downloaded to the presentation computer before the lesson begins.

These videos were not created by anyone at FJUHSD but were downloaded from the following educational websites for use in the cyber safety unit.
  • NetSmartz
  • Wired Safety
  • That's Not Cool
  • Cyber Tip Line

Day 1 Videos

Bulletin Board Video

This video cautions students about the dangers of posting online photos. Select the Bulletin Board video from the list.

That's Not Cool Video

Three teens show how to respond to various types of online harrassment including sexting, constant texting, and cyber stalking. Select the Digital Privacy video.

Profile Penalty Video

This video begins with a cartoon story of a football player who realizes the need to redo his social networking page before applying for a football scholarship. The story is followed by video of real teens discussing the need for caution on such sites.

Day 2 Videos

You Never Know Video

The WiredSafety site provides a variety of WiredSafety videos on Predators and Strangers. Different scenarios involve either inmates, mean girls or boys as predators, and principals and others as monitors of teens online. Choose from the list under the topic Predators and Strangers.

Kacie Renee Woody Video

This video shows students the dangers of online predators as related by teen friends of a real victim.

Terrible Text Video

This video tells a story of cyberbullying through text messaging in cartoon form and gives students ways to deal with cyberbullies. Real life teens then share cyberbullying experiences.